2014 has been a great year for the Kube, we have travelled the length and breath of the land, London to Leicester, Cornwall to Colchester, we’ve certainly racked up the miles and it looks like 2015 will be no different. We have bookings throughout the UK booked into the diary, as well as a return trip to beautiful Dordogne in Southern France (this time we’ll be flying thank goodness!)



Because the band has gotten so busy, we have recently expanded our pool of high quality musicians. Cherry picked by Pete the band leader, each one ticks all of the boxes for what is required to be a proper Sugar Kube member: high quality musicianship first and foremost, stage presence as well as street style and good looks.

Introducing…. (drumroll)


LISA (Lead Vocals)

Lisa is a beautiful powerful singer who can actually down a pint of Guinness in 3 seconds. She is so gorgeous that one time she actually made the drummer’s head spin around 360 degrees!

Lisa O S2




Guy is a highly skilled singer, guitarist and band leader. He spent 10 years in the army as a Lieutenant and on one gig actually did 200 pushups with the bride on his back.


Guy 1




Jamie is one of West London’s leading session drummers. He once led a bunch of cheerleaders… never mind


Jamie 1




Tom was Adele’s original bass player and performed live on the David Letterman Show. After the performance, Tom met Letterman backstage and punched him in the face for cutting their set short.


Tom 1



James is a Cockney Sax player who was once employed by James Brown, but fired on the same night by Mr Brown himself for being too funky and for having the same first name.


Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 22.03.35


But Seriously folks….

If you are at all concerned about the line up in Sugar Kube for your event, then fear not, we are a team, a unit, we are one! Rehearsals are conducted regularly in London and everyone in the Sugar Kube posse attends these rehearsals so that we all know the drill. Every member is briefed and fully rehearsed as to how the show should be performed. Everyone is aware as to how the songs should sound, each dance move is choreographed, each band member knows his & her parts so that your night’s entertainment is a show and a performance.

Here’s to 2015 and the funkiest, coolest band in London: SUGAR KUBE



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